A POC HTTP Botnet Project-UBoat

UBoat HTTP is a POC HTTP Botnet made to replicate a full weaponized commercial botnet.

UBoat Uses

  • Coded at C++ with no dependencies
  • Encrypted C&C Communications
  • Persistence to Stop your control being lost
  • Link Redundancy (Uses a fallback server address or domain )
  • DDoS methods (TCP & UDP Flood)
  • Task Creation System ( Shifting system HWID, Country, IP, OS.System )
  • Remote Commands
  • Update and Uninstall additional malware
  • Download and Submit other malware
  • Active as well as Passive Keylogger
  • Empower Windows RDP
  • Plugin method for easy feature upgrades


Change the URL’s in gate.h including the fallback domain if you are intending to use it


  • Install lamp at UNIX / Xampp in Win Boxes
  • You Require PHP 7.0 simply do not complain after
  • Install PMA because We’re idle ( thank me later )

Database Config:

  • Create a database named’boat’
  • Rename uboat.sql located in /Panel/uboat.sql into uboat.sql.zip
  • Now import uboat.sql.zip in PhpMyAdmin into the database uboat you created

Panel Config:

  • Find /Panel/private/config/config.php
  • Now edit it that the URL localhost/PHP/ with your C2 host URL

** Now look for the keyword”DB” **

  1. Username:- your own MySQL user
  2. password:- your MySQL password
  3. server:- leave it as it is
  4. DB name:- It is the database you made earlier recall” uboat”?

Login Config :

Now choose a user/password credential for your login

  1. User:- origin
  2. password:- origin Kay?
  • For creating the password find to /Panel/test.php

You can alter the keyword origin to your Preferred password We are utilizing root because we chose to here:p

You’re nearly done!!

  • Now open PhpMyAdmin and find the table consumer in the database you made uboat
  • Change the hash from the password column

** Yay everything done **

As Soon as You login you will receive something like this

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About the Author: Alyssa Howard